Last Update- 17 February 2019

  1. HAYABUSA RIDERS is a portal for free classified ads and paid for to position your ads in the first results of our website in each category.
  2. To be able to upload the ads, you must register by filling in all the fields of your profile: Name, Surname, City and Email are required.
  3. Once registered, a confirmation email will arrive to the email address you have provided on our website. This email must be confirmed in order to correctly complete your registration in our portal.
  4. After confirming your registration email you can access your profile where it is mandatory that you fill in all your personal information fields such as name, surname, phone number, email, city, country. You can add your social networks within your profile.
  5. It is mandatory to add in all ads the title, main photo, product description with year, km and color of motorcycle, price, discount price if you wish, keywords for the internal search from the web, contact phone, you can activate the “Call for more information” button although your contact phone will always be required, indicate your location on the map, select the category of the ad, select photos of the ad, you can add videos if you wish, accept the conditions of HAYABUSA RIDERS and by last upload ad.
  6. The photos of all the ads should have a recommended standard size so that it can be displayed well on both computers and smartphones, the size will always be rectangular.
  7. The vertical or unbalanced photos will be eliminated so that it does not influence the operation of the web. In the event that your photographs do not have the appropriate size you will be notified via email so that you can upload the photos with the recommended size again, if in 3 days any data for which you have been notified is not modified, we will proceed to delete your ad directly.
  8. To add videos to your ad, you only have to copy the urls of the videos that you have previously uploaded to YOUTUBE or VIMEO.
  9. No other users’ photos, other portals, or Internet photos that are not their possession are allowed. . In the case of detecting them, your ad will be deleted automatically.
  10. Videos that are not your property are not allowed. In the case of detecting them, your ad will be deleted automatically.
  11. If you want your ad to be highlighted for 30 days for only 6 euros from the publication of the ad, you must select the option “MARK AS FEATURED” where the forms of payment that we have will automatically appear: CREDIT CARD AND PAYPAL.
  12. You can make the payment through your credit card directly from our website, a box will be opened in order to pay securely with a credit card through STRIPE.
  13. If you select the payment option with PAYPAL you must have or create your account in PAYPAL and verify it in order to make payments.
  14. You can also pay with PAYPAL without having to register by selecting the card payment option from PAYPAL, where you will indicate all the data of the card (Card number, expiration date and 3-digit security code on the back of the card). personal information. The amount of payment will always be automatic and the amount and time period that your ads will appear on our website will always be specified on the website.
  15. Once the payment is made, an email will arrive informing you of the payment with the specified amount and your registration data, as well as receipt of proof of payment and a reference number assigned by our team automatically, save this email for possible incidents as well as the number of reference of your order or payment.
  16. Once verified that your payment has been made successfully we will proceed to approve your ad and it will appear on our website, this process can take between 24 and 48 hours, depending on the form of payment selected and your bank.
  17. Once your ad is approved, you will receive an email advising you of the publication of the ad and you will be able to edit your ad from your profile, modify it, delete it or add a new ad.
  18. All our ads are free for 30 days from the ad’s own upload, except for the featured ads that will be approved once it has been verified that your payment has been made successfully through the two forms of payment we use (CREDIT CARD AND PAYPAL).
  19. All ads must be approved by the administrators who will check that they meet the conditions of HAYABUSA RIDERS.
  20. All profiles and announcements that do not comply with the rules of HAYABUSA RIDERS will be automatically deleted without prior notice to the user.
  21. You can not add false information or photos that are not your property, as well as descriptions or phrases that have nothing to do with your published advertisement, proceeding to their automatic deletion by administrators.
  22. The ads can not be commented within our website.
  23. HAYABUSA RIDERS is not responsible for the content of texts, photos, videos and information provided by each user but if we proceed to delete the ad or profile without notice nothing else we detect false information or content that is not owned by the user.
  24. HAYABUSA RIDERS reserves the right to modify any content, section, category and price of the web, social networks, payments, forms of payment and terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  25. To promote, advertise your company, event or business on our website, you must contact us by email at info@hayabusariders.com
  26. The prices of publishing a company, business or event on our website in banners will be specified by email depending on the size of the banner and the days you want to have your ad.
  27. 30 days after the publication of your ads, these will no longer be visible on our website, we will send you a notification email of “Your ad has expired.”
  28. If the advertisement is deleted for not complying with the rules and conditions of HAYABUSA RIDERS, you will be notified by email of the removal of the advertisement as well as the reasons for its refusal to publish it.
  29. You can announce events and gatherings through ads, both free and paid by selecting a featured ad, all publications must comply with all the rules and conditions of HAYABUSA RIDERS.COM
  30. All ads that do not comply with our terms and conditions will be eliminated if in 3 days after the notice by email, the user has not proceeded to modify or delete the data that we have indicated. In the case of registering a “Fake User” or detecting a serious incident, the user will be eliminated completely and all their announcements without prior notice.
  31. For any questions you can send us an email to info@hayabusariders.com

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